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By | January 30, 2006


Welcome to LazyNetworkAdmin.com, a place where information is easy to find. All to often, seemingly simple information is so hard to find. We don’t think it should have to take you a couple hours to research how to perform a simple task, or how to make a quick configuration change. It is our objective to take this simple information and turn it into an extensive knowledgebase of information. Our motto is “Where you go to know” because we don’t want you to have to think any harder or look any farther to get the information you need. We want this to be your one stop shop for all your network administration knowledge.

Both Cheyenne Harden and I (LazyNetworkAdmin) are hard working, dedicated individuals who take pride in the work we do. We hope to offer you various tips and tricks from all corners of the network administration world. From CRM or ERP software packages to IIS and AntiVirus to Virtual Servers. Every time we encounter something, we document it. We want to share our information with the rest of you in hopes that it helps you, even if just a little bit. We get a thrill when we are scouring the internet for answers and we stumble across a link to our site and it was the solution to their problem. This is what we strive for. Sometimes when I am searching for some information, I just wish for a link which leads me in the right direction.

Well links you will find. If there is an interesting article, we’ll share a comment or two on it. Good software to help people like us out, we’ll point you in a direction. A script to automate a routine task, if we find one, we’ll post it.

Please take some time and search through our extensive knowledgebase, or software and service reviews. Who knows, you might just find the answer to one of your questions.

UPDATE: This site is no longer actively maintained. We may add items from time to time but out daily lives and IT lives have become too busy to continually maintain the quality of scrips we intent on adding to this site. Please use common sense when running any of these scripts.

If you would like to submit your own scripts to the site, please contact me and we’ll see if we can work something out. Thank you everyone for your support over the many years this site has been live!

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