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FTP Cleanup Script

By | November 1, 2007

We have a couple FTP servers here at my job and there are files which have been in these directories for years. The company policy stated that files older than 30 days must be deleted. Some people follow it and others don’t. So I decided to help them out.

This script will clean out all files, NOT FOLDERS, under the specified directory where the date created is older than the maximum age in days specified.

Sync Time With Domain Time Server

By | October 19, 2007

I have an application called PDM Works Enterprise.
When some people access the appliation the side effect is their system time slows down.
I have look on forums and called application support, but no dice.
So, I created a script that syncs time with your domains time server.
Thanks to the Windows Scripting Guys for explaining %COMSPEC%.

Backup Files/Folders If File/Folder Has Been Modified

By | October 11, 2007

At the last job I worked at they had a shared folder. In this folder they would put scanned documents. The only problem was sometimes they updated documents or created new sub folders.
This script will copy all updated files, over writing the previous ones using the date modified as a comparison. It will also copy subfolders to the backup destination as they are created.
It will not delete files if the name of the file has changed.

Now this script is a little complex, but if you follow the instructions at the bottom, you should be fine.

Remove a Printer using the Printers Name

By | October 10, 2007

When a printer dies or is replaced and a new one installed you need a way to remove the old printer from users machines. But you don't want to do this by hand.
This script can remove a mapped printer and can be added to a logon script or run via group policy.

Combine multiple text files

By | July 17, 2007

An engineer asked me to create a script that would take ASCII files and combine them for use with a piece of software. The names of the files were all different, and they needed to sort the data by creation/ modification date. So, I created the script below with a little help from the Windows Script Repository.

Uninstall Microsoft Products Silently

By | July 6, 2007

I've been gone due to changing jobs. I no longer get the pleasure to work with the Lazy Network Admin.
But, the scripts must go on! This script should be run as a logon script and it will remove MS Project silently from a computer.
Whats good about this script is that you can modify it a bit and remove any software with a silent switch!
Give it a try. I hope it helps you out.