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Clients Not Checking Into Symantec System Center

By | January 12, 2007

I installed a new AV server. It is runinng Symantec AV 10.1 and Symantec System Center
The clients (running Symantec 10.1) did not check into the new server after pushing out a new install of AV.
The problem was with the reg keys and the certificate not being updated.
This script will copy the new certificate to the target computer, update the regkeys
and then it will restart the symantec service. Then in a few seconds the clients will check into
the Symantec System Center on their own!


This script has been updated!

I placed the second script below the first one, just incase anyone wants to use the old script.
To operate the new script, create a txt file with the names of the machines you need to have log into the SSC.

Then just drop the .txt file onto the script… The rest is automatic!