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Monitor and Start Process

By | October 13, 2006

Making my job easier through scripting is becomming a passion of mine.
I love to find problems that I can write a script for and then sit back and let the script do the work.
This script will list all running process and write tham to a text file.
Then it will search for a defined process in the file.
If the process doesn't exist, the script will start the app!

 ***This script has just been edited. In case you don't want to use a text file, I have created an array to perform the same function. It is a little faster!

Process Monitor And Killer

By | October 6, 2006

It's me again… Ho,Hum… I have a user who likes to run games on his computer instead of doing his work.
I found a couple of scripts online and joined them together. This script will monitor a specified computer
and if a defined process starts, the script will kill it.
You could also run this as a logon script by replacing
This:  strComputer = InputBox("Enter the name of the target computer here!")
With this: strComputer = "."