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Dell Wireless Ad-Hoc Fix

By | December 6, 2006

Recently, a friend of mine (who am I kidding I don't have friends)
who works for a large tier 1 automotive Axel supplier told me of an issue with over 2000 laptops.
He stated that their "NT" and "Desktop" groups could not fix an issue with their Broadcom wireless drivers.The problem was that the Broadcom utility used to change the built-in wireless devices from Ad-Hoc mode to Infrastructure mode was set to Ad-Hoc by default. Now users being what they are would not be able to do this for themselves, so the wireless division asked the aformentioned groups to try to solve the issue, but was told "sorry". They the wireless guys would have to fix all of the laptops by hand (using remote access). Well,first off this is crazy!
I told my buddy I could write a script to fix the issue.

The script below is for the following WLAN NICs and laptops:

Dell TrueMobile 1150 PCMCIA   Dell C800, C810
Dell TrueMobile 1150 Mini-PCI  Dell C840
Dell TrueMobile 14xx Mini-PCI  Dell D500, D505, D510, D800, & D810

The 14xx Series can be 1400, 1450, 1470, or 1490.