iPhone Battery Issue Resolved (for me)

By | December 1, 2011

Ok, I bought an iPhone 4 and love it… That is until I updated and then ended up with a battery issue. So I applied the patch and the issue didn’t go away. I battery would be dead in 3 hours. With it sitting on my hip not being used!


So I found a fix that works for me!


  1. I don’t use Wi-Fi unless I am installing something new or using an app that needs it. So, most of the time Wi-Fi is off.
  2. Blue Tooth is also off as I don’t use it either. Yeah, I am old school like that!  =P
  3. Lastly, I turned off Push mail! That’s it! I turned on fetch mail and set it to 15 minutes and all of my battery issues have went away.



Now my phone lasts all day! From 6AM till 9PM and I still have battery to spare.

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