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Adobe Acrobat Crashing for Terminal Services Users

By | June 4, 2009

Funny how fixes come in groups? I didn’t have any for awhile and now I have many to post… But do I have the time to?

Anyway, I just setup a terminal server and some of the users had a problem with running Acrobat. It would state that there was a library error when Acrobat was opened and stated that Adobe should be reinstalled. WTF! The fix was real simple but a good one to post as I didn’t find it on Adobe’s site.



ODBC connection to Access from Vista x64

By | April 29, 2009

I have Vista x64 and needed to create an ODBC connection to an access database only to find out that I couldn’t. I thought this was rather strange. Come to find out, Microsoft doesn’t make a 64bit version of the Access Database Driver. What was I to do. Well Microsoft apparently decided it was going to hide the 32bit ODBC administrator tool by not giving any direct links to it.

Microsoft Fix-It

By | March 26, 2009

Sure this might not be a cutting edge news story. In fact it is relatively old news. Microsoft has made the initiative to automate some of the fixes from their knowledgebase article. Here is their statement Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Fix it. We’re working hard to automate solutions to common software problems… Read More »

Run A Command Based on Registry Value

By | March 24, 2009

We have been having some problems with our Oracle system where users get a “spinning ball” that makes the users think it is processing when it is really doing nothing. Oracle states that it is because of an out dated registry setting(HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\MaxConnectionsPerServer) which they wanted us to change. We started to apply this to a couple users and it did work. Microsoft even says that internet standards have changed and they recommend changing the value.( )

Enable Work-Flow on upgraded SharePoint List

By | November 5, 2008

Well after a really long weekend I have finally gotten through a SharePoint Services 2.0 to 3.0 migration. The migration itself went about as smooth as most migrations go, you know, plan, double check, triple check, migrate, nothing works. Either way, it is done now and now I am working with a couple quirky things. One thing which has frustrated me for a while was lists and libraries from the migrated site were not showing the Three-State workflow. Apparently this doesn't get turned on on upgraded lists and libraries. Since it took me far to long to find out how to do this, I am posting it here so hopefully it is easier to find.

List Users Over Exchange Mailbox Limit

By | March 12, 2008

Where I work we have been gradually scaling mailbox sizes back to workable levels. Before each limit change, my manager always wants to know who it is going to affect ahead of time. If you just have one mailbox store, this is an easy task. I have 5 Storage groups and anywhere between 3 and 5 mailstores in each storage group, so it can take me some time for me to go through each mailstore and manually jot down everything. So I decided to dive into a little scripting.