Adobe PhotoShop CS4 not supported on network

By | October 4, 2009

Adobe PhotoShop CS4. The end all be all in graphics editing and design has outraged me this week. I have been working on an issue with ALL of our Mac OSX clients where the users are reporting that saving to the network from PhotoShopCS4 is failing more often than not. After weeks of troubleshooting and support calls with Adobe, I was left with this KB article from Adobe’s website: which in short states:

“Adobe Technical Support only supports using Photoshop CS4 on a local hard disk because of the difficulty of re-creating or accurately identifying network- and peripheral-configuration problems.”

At first I thought I would go ahead and believe that maybe my network was somewhat complex and that might in some way cause this to not work. Sure. Well to further test things out, I took one of the Mac’s downstairs and into the server room and plugged it directly into the switch the server was connected it and tried to write a simple 6kb file to my server. Nothing. It failed. Thinking it might have been the server, I attempted to write it to a separate 2008 box, a 2000 box and even a Unix box.. NO GO!

How is it that Adobe, for being as large and as all mighty as they are, get off not supporting network locations. Its not that they have “difficulty identifying” different scenarios, its that they just don’t care to support network locations.

Of course, they do offer up a solution. Adobe Drive or Adobe Version Cue

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