Adobe Acrobat Crashing for Terminal Services Users

By | June 4, 2009

Funny how fixes come in groups? I didn’t have any for awhile and now I have many to post… But do I have the time to?

Anyway, I just setup a terminal server and some of the users had a problem with running Acrobat. It would state that there was a library error when Acrobat was opened and stated that Adobe should be reinstalled. WTF! The fix was real simple but a good one to post as I didn’t find it on Adobe’s site.



1.      Log into the console of the terminal server and open the registry.

2.      Go to HKCU\Software\ and Export the Adobe Key (The main Key and all sub-keys).

3.      Then if you are like me and have the TS locked down…

4.      Go to the Group Policy Management console and remove the security placed on accessing the registry.

5.      Login as the user and import the Adobe key. (You could also do this by loading the users hive and adding the Adobe registry key.)

6.      Now try Adobe again. It should be fixed!

7.      Lock down the registry in Group Policy again.


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