Add custom mime file type to IIS6

By | September 22, 2009

So today I came across something which I think might be useful. By default, Microsoft Windows IIS 6.0 does not have the capibilities out of the box to serve up flash video files (.flv). This is a quick and simple fix that can be taken care of in just about a minute.

Open up your IIS management console and find the site you want this to work with.
Right click on your site and choose properties; choose the “HTTP Headers” tab.
Press the “mime types” button.
In the box which comes up, under extension type “.flv” (without the quotes) and under mime type: type “video/x-flv” (without the quotes)


Click OK 3 times and your done.

This can be used for more than just .flv files. this is for any other files which are not listed under your servers mime types properties. Just know your extension, and find the content type online somewhere if you don’t already know it. If you don’t know it, my favorite place is Google and just search for your file extension and mime file type and you should find the answer.

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